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The word PsyMaTiX is a distortion of the word Cymatics (from Kyma= Ancient Greek for "wave")
Cymatics is the study of vibratory patterns, or how sound patterns are manifest in material media.
Sounds of different frequencies create different discrete patterns in the material world. A tone of 1008hz creates a certain visual pattern in my party jumpers water or a plate of sand for instance...The science appears to begin with a gentleman by the name of Ernst Chladni- who used a violin bow to resonate glass plates with sand on them. Hans Jenny pioneered the term Cymatics, seo company ny and is linked to the first analysis based on specific frequencies. Alexander Lauterwasser has created an amazing book on the subject that will open your mind to many possibilities. The basic concept he puts forth is that in a universe where everything is a function roof fix flat roof repair metal roofs of time, from the period of gross time to the shortest wavelength of UV light, the patterns we see all around us (like an ocelots spots ) arise from vibration.
As we know, Sound is a vibration through how to buy facebook likes buy 1 million youtube views new twitter followers a medium- and percievable by humans in roughly a 20-40 Kilohertz (vibrations per second) range. I would propose we examine the greater phenomena of vibration from big slow wiggles to fast small ones...

An Ocelot is a small to middling sized wild cat covered in spots like a leopard, but proportionately smaller, like the cat.
No it has nothing to with Lancelot or any knights of any table round or otherwise.
oCeLoT is a music producer= oCeLoT makes amazing music that transcends all divisions. People of all kinds like oCeLoT
Those interested may contact oCeLoT at aaron (at) psymatix dot com.

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